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To keep your loved ones, employees or customers comfortable, you need to have an efficient HVAC system. If your unit is damaged, reach out to an expert at Kyle's Refrigeration. Trust us to provide top-notch heating and air conditioning repair, replacement and maintenance services in Kenton, TN.

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5 signs that you need HVAC repair services

You can use your senses to determine whether it's time to schedule air conditioning or heating repair services. Reach out to a professional ASAP if you:

  • See puddles of water or a discolored pilot light
  • Hear loud grinding, squealing or rattling sounds
  • Smell foul odors coming from your HVAC system
  • Notice poor airflow or a decrease in your indoor air quality
  • Feel more humidity or changes in temperature between your rooms

Have you noticed any of these red flags? If so, contact us today to schedule heating or air conditioning repairs in Kenton, TN.